Case Study: Converting a Prototype Code Base Into a Production Code Base

by Pete Carapetyan


Product Manager Role

Semantra needed to turn its five-year development effort into a deliverable product.

It had a brilliantly written code base that did amazing things, but it was a prototype written by its inventor and chief scientist. It was never intended as a final production code base, as it was neither scaleable, nor concurrent.

In April 2006, I came on to help re-architect the code base and make it production quality. By August, hundreds of classes had been refactored, an SOA design was in place, and web services running against both clients and stress testing.

Technologies Integrated

Staff was trained in the use of the newer technologies such as Maven, Eclipse, various SOA approaches and an IOC container. Builds were standardized, a production schedule was proposed for the completion of the GUI portion, and a first run at a total database refactoring was in place.

The startup eventually exhausted it's initial capital, and is no longer in operation.