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Web presence: Faster, simpler, cheaper, less clever.

Maybe your company is hamstrung by WordPress? Or your web presence is slow & inadequate? Or it isn't app-like? We can help.

Faster, simpler, cheaper, and less clever tech is being employed by your competitors every day.

We have Proof of Concept packages to let you try out alternatives for a song - or full service app capabilities, if you or your tech staff needs the boost.

Your struggling tech staff may not be the problem

Tooling changes fast. Staff can look bad maintaining old tech that won't compete. We can provide simpler options that are not forced into the herculean cleverness that older tech had to provide, before modern standards (think 2021) emerged.

The good news for your tech & content staff? Yes, new standards take a few minutes to learn. But they make things simpler, rather than more complex. The resulting code is cheaper to maintain.

Oh, but we do apps!

Your team isn't a WordPress, team? It does apps? React, or Vue or Angular, even native apps? And back ends, too?

Hold back on the snark just for a few seconds there, buckaroo. A junior dev with some carefully curated PWA stacks and a Firebase or Amplify back end might give your team a run for its money, at least on the customer metrics.

React was pretty darn impressive stuff in 2016. Sadly for some of us, it's not 2016 any more.

For example, what happens in 2022, when so many huge corporations get serious about maturing their Web Component libraries?

Try out a PoC

With a bill small enough to hand in on your corporate expense account, you can Proof of Concept the latest tech, maybe even with some existing content! Check out some of our PoC packages. You may be surprised how simple a PoC can be.

Then if you like what you see, your tech staff can take over - without or with our help. Or we'll take the entire project turn-key, if that's your preference.

With simplicity, comes great power

You only thought WordPress plugins were powerful, until you saw what those same vendors might offer in more modern standards-based libraries. And because standards-based platforms have fewer moving parts and are easier to write for, it's a wider and more up to date marketplace of capabilities for you to choose from.

Think shopify, commenting, scheduling, and a host of add on functionalities that you thought you needed WordPress plugins for.

The best part? The need for some critical WordPress plugins will disappear entirely, especially those helping you manage the extremely complex WordPress environment, itself.

Would you like to discuss it a further?