Chef: Why Even Write Tests?

This blog is one of a series of blogs on the challenges of learning Chef, ops, and the technical world of IT all in one motion. Jeff Carapetyan is an Ops consultant concentrating on basic Chef work, and is sometimes available for contracts in the Austin area.

I gave in to Sam I Am

I did not like testing.

I did not like the idea of testing a recipe, I did not want to test in a tree.

I did not want to test to avoid destruction, I just wanted to throw it to production. 

I championed against it, it seemed absurd

but in the end my boss had the final word

So I gave it a shot, and what did I see? 

A plethora of tools to try and help me

Lots of support for a called test-kitchen

but I still had lot's of suspicion

I gave it a shot, and did you know!

It actually started speeding up workflow

create a vm, converge, and destroy!

Made it much easier to test a deploy

Now I do some unit, and a little integration

All while runnning it on my workstation

testing is good, allowing us to be scalable

I don't have anything that rhymes with scalable, so just do it. It works...