Dev Offerings

Could we help you fill these gaps, to make your full time dev team  
more like the mythical unicorns that you need?

Hadoop ETL Automation

This is our primary offering for 2015. A 60 second video may illustrate this most easily:

If you have more patience and would rather learn to do this yourself, our 83 minute video captures
a "how to" presentation made to a local Java user's group.



Software Automation

Software Automation has been the heart of dataFundamentals offerings for the past 15 years.

This blog outlines what that looks like, and how we might add value to your team's work.


Enterprise Integration Patterns

EIP work - in this case Apache Camel - can give your shop a solid boost.

Tips and benefits of the patterns approach over industry standard approaches is discussed here


Continuous Delivery

No Excuses ContinuousDelivery is our proof to the world that you can get started with Continuous Delivery without spending a bunch of time or money.

We offer an easy, cheap approach to deploying Jenkins and Nexus even with your application server, and get the job done.

1 Minute Demo:

We explain this a little bit better in this blog.

If you want to try running the code yourself instead of hiring us, here it is on GitHub.



Java Modularity, OSGi

OSGi Modularity has fallen out of fashion in recent years, but when you need it, you need it bad. DataFundamentals developed MJWA years ago because OSGi is how we organize our software projects. 

Here is a 60 second video illustrating how it works:

A more detailed explanation is found in this blog.

The code is stored in git at Bitbucket


Drupal, Wordpress

Website management is not an expertise we typically sell, but we've done a lot of it, between us. If you just need a little advice, or a reference to a shop specializing in this area, please feel free to give us a call.

This blog explains a little bit more about our experience with Content Management Systems



SMOSLT - So Many Options, So Little Time

We've invested 6 months of time in our latest research project. We're really excited about it, even if it is one of the zaniest things we've ever done.

If you've got the appetite to learn more, try this blog first.


More about Pete Carapetyan

Pete Carapetyan has been automating development processes in a number of environment and platforms for the past 2 decades, though the predominant platform is Java.