Human: Jeff Carapetyan

Personality Type

If asked by his friends who know him best, Jeff would probably be described as that guy who is 'All In'.

Jeff has been a passionate sportsman all his life, acheiving black belt in Tae Kwon do, and acheiving all-conference honors in football at both the secondary and collegiate level.

Currently both a runner and photographer in his off hours, Jeff enjoys mastering whatever activity he is involved in. Jeff is often faulted for being competitive.

Jeff's jock friends lovingly regard him as quirky because he reads and thinks so much. Jeff's more intellectual friends regard him as quirky because he's a jock.

Communication Styles

Jeff is usually regarded as 'the quiet guy' when new in any group, an impression which is later reversed, as Jeff forges lasting relationships within a group.

You will find Jeff to be thoughtful and deliberative in his communication style. His friends sometimes force him to clarify context, as Jeff will sometimes think in more layers than are currently a part of the conversation.

Contact Info


Twitter: DevopsJeff