Human: Pete Carapetyan

by Pete Carapetyan


Personality Profile

If you're into the corporate personality profiling thing, my Myers Briggs type is INTJ. I see myself as a funny and laid back guy, but this profile tells a different story. So I work hard to moderate things so I come out as close to the way I see myself as possible, given where I start out.

The following links are perhaps not complimentary but seem fairly accurate. If you are considering me for a contract and just not sure about the fit with other members on the team, these links may prove helpful. They were picked from a google search on "INTJ Personality Type".

Perhaps the most important finding from the above links is that anyone who is an INTJ can drive someone who is indecisive nearly batty. This is not intentional, of course, but it is a very predictable side effect, and it is not pleasant for me to watch. One hates to see someone uncomfortable because of a bad fit, so I strive to find a good match first.

Off Hours

Often described as a cycling enthusiast, I often get thousands of miles in a year, and pretend to race against other cyclists less than half my age.

Also prone to working on philosophical problems, attempting to convert them into Cartesian mathematical models. Rarely successful, I remain undaunted in my efforts.

Sighted frequenlty in the woods of South Austin and sometimes Bastrop, hiking through the brush.