Jeff Carapetyan

What: Service Engagements

Jeff is a second year Chef practitioner who prefers to supplement an existing operations team by providing the detail level Chef work. He is best paired with a senior sysadmin who is more traditional in his/her manual approach, and needs chunks of his daily work converted to Chef recipes one by one.

The term 'Chef Grunt' is used internally, but this term is only accurate in it's more caring, all inclusive meaning. This term can be taken to mean 'whatever it takes'.

Who: Habits and Approaches

Jeff is a deliberate and collaborative technician who prefers taking tasks one at a time and mastering each one until completion. Jeff is a life-long team player and accustomed to challenging roles, and the pressures of carrying his share of the load.

Expect Jeff to research his tasks thoughtfully before diving in.

When: Types of Projects, Teams, Leadership

Engage Jeff when you have well defined Chef needs, and are ready to have them executed in a direct and sequential manner.

Jeff can also be instrumental in helping other members of the team get past Chef setup and related issues, understanding how different pieces of Chef work with your infrastructure, and like issues.

Jeff is a self starter when tasks are well defined, and is accustomed to following the team's leaders with accuracy and accountability.

Avoid engaging Jeff when you have amorphous undefined goals, or are not yet ready to implement Chef within your infrastructure.