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Could we help you fill these gaps, to make your full time team  
more like the mythical unicorns that you need?


Jeff gave this talk almost a year ago at last year's DevOps Days in Austin. 
It was very well received, and gave Jeff a launch pad for his first external Chef contracts in 2014.

Day 1 4 from devopsdays on Vimeo.


At datafundamentals, we use Chef extensively for the configuration of infrastructure, including our own.

This is just some of our what we use in our day to day with our cookbooks list



Docker is a great tool and a hot commodity, so we have been working with it pretty extensively with it and are planning to make it a part of our core offering. 

check out our recent implementation of a production Docker cluster through our blogs

As well as thoughts on Docker in General

our main code for Docker in embedded in our Chef cookbooks on github



Packer is a potentially powerful tool for config management for a cloud based enterprise. While it is an unfinished product, we are committed to working with it and providing it as a solution for the right business cases, especialy in tandem with Docker. We are putting further exploration on hold due to a critical bug in Packer, but will be monitoring for when it is fixed. 







To make sure we are well versed in all options we have worked with Ansible on a small scale. While Chef is our go-to, it is still a good tool that is good in certain use cases. We will be keeping ansible as a tool for required implementations.


To experiment and beyond

As we are an automation shop, we encourage a repeatable, homogenous setup in all use cases. We know however that every project has unique requirements in terms of frameworks, software languages, and databases. As a result, we will be providing a series of how-to blogs on how to handle some of the more challenging scenarios. 


More about Jeff Carapetyan

Jeff Carapetyan is a Trinity graduate and has had almost 2 years of experience automating IT on the operations side.