Pete Carapetyan

What: Service Engagements

Pete Carapetyan is a java developer who traditionally prefers to work on high value-add systems and automation.

Who: Habits and Approaches

Among peers, Pete is more willing than most to endure the rigors of disciplines, patterns, and to make the investment in testing, templates and sourcing. Often seen at conferences and meetups, Pete sometimes comes across as an early adopter, but those who know him better see a measured pragmatism that reflects a recognition of how much time is wasted doing copy-paste coding that others see as the more pragmatic alternative.

When: Types of Projects, Teams, Leadership

Engage Pete in your project when you need to develop large projects faster, more consistently, AND leave you with more maintainable code.

Pete works best under strong, confident management and a highly collaborative, metrics driven environment where patterns are easily discussed and systems can be compared openly and directly.

Pete is a self starter who takes the directives of management to heart. Thus, collaboration with decision makers is required, to assure proper alignment of objectives.

Avoid engagements of Pete when there are turf battles to be fought, developer's habits to change, or lots of copy-pasting or NIH coding to be executed. Throwaway projects are also a poor use of Pete as a resource.

Pete can appear to be slow and ponderous compared to other developers, especially in the early days of a project. Design, sourcing, research, and test cases are often undertaken before coding, creating an appearance of inaction to those unfamiliar with such disciplines. You will find Pete extremely competitive on enterprise, long term maintainable code, and non-competitive on slap-dash prototyping posing as enterprise code.