Unicorn Gap?

DataFundamentals is here to help you with any Unicorn Gap that your software team might have.

Turn your devs and ops engineers into Unicorns!

A shop such as ours brings in fresh technology that your existing software staff doesn't have time to get familar with.

Your staff may then appear as Unicorns - that mythical beast that you always wanted to hire in the first place.

Should You Hire Unicorns, Instead?

Business now wants to hire that full time developer with every important skillset. This is a long overdue trend, and great news. But, does  that person even exist? Or is she a unicorn?

Here is a snapshot of an ad for such a Unicorn - January 2015 style. An Uber.com page, soliciting for Full Stack developers.

Not a true unicorn, as there are some pretty good full stack developers out there. 

But...what if you want more than merely Full Stack?

  • Do they use the same platforms you would prefer?
  • Do they spin up their own [VMs, Docker containers, etc]?
  • Do they use the same javaScript libraries you would prefer?
  • Do they work happily for your salary requirements? In the town you would wish?
  • Do they know your domain, and work well with your team?
  • Do they test first on every platform? [or any approach your team is required to do]
  •   and so on... real companies have nearly endless, and very specific needs. 

If they meet every single requirement you would need, then they are a true unicorn, and perhaps as easy to find as a true unicorn.

Humans, Not Unicorns

Your own employees might be much closer to the mythical unicorn, once properly equipped and allowed to grow into these new expectations.

  • They know your domain.
  • They know your systems.
  • They know their team members.

So even if you could bring in a Unicorn...

Filling The Gap

Perhaps what your business needs is the gaps that Unicorns would fill. Consider the boost you could get from a shop like DataFundamentals. We are not Unicorns either.

But shops like ours have their own labs, like df.lab, where they get to work on Unicorn Gap technologies. Technologies that many developers don't get a chance to experiment with in their daily routines.

Can we come in for a few days, weeks, or even hours, and help you fill the gap, leaving the Ops and Dev infrastructure behind, as code?