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Packages are available in addition to commercial support

Corporate Proof of Concept Packages

We are delighted to offer the following packages to help you achieve your faster, simpler, cheaper, less clever     web presence.

Proof of Concept: Lorem ipsum content


For the budget minded, you and/or your staff take a one hour tour.

All the content would be Lorem Ipsum placeholder text, and the photos all random, excepting any content or photos you wish to bring with you.

It's a lot to pack in an hour, but with a little hurryup we'll get it all done and you'll have a recorded session to fall back on as a reference, later.

Proof of Concept: Wordpress Migration Package

Price $1200 and up - max cap set before starting.

We'll start with an inventory and brief discussion of your goals

Once you establish the answers to the above questions, a PoC can investigate:

As an example of the above, a previous site was migrated on this domain, and experimentation led me to chose the following steps

A Migration PoC

Proof of Concept: Theming Adaptation

Price $1200 and up - max cap set before starting.

Start making a starter theme your own!

This PoC explores work with your chosen web design or designer, to adapt an existing Rocket theme towards your own web presence.

The work of this PoC may not represent a total transformation to the perfect theme of your desires, but instead demonstrates progress toward that goal, giving you a baseline for calibrating your own further changes against your ultimate budgets.

Or, if your goals are modest, this PoC may get you almost all the way there.