dataFundamentals 2021 - a year for site migrations

Current: 2021

Don't let that 'static' web site seem unimportant to you.

It's a critical piece for a lot of small businesses, and long overdue for some catching up, on the tech side.

Site Migrations

As expectations change, we have to adjust.

The first half of 2021 is dedicated primarily to site migrations and upgrades - for myself and my customers.

What are these new expectations?

It used to be a source of pride to produce a site using WordPress, Drupal or similar CMS. Wow! I got a pretty web site deployed. Woohoo! A pretty theme, and everything!

Nobody thought much about the speed of the site, or how complex it had become to maintain it, and even to author content.

Interestingly enough, it is the PWA world that has destroyed this sense of complacency. Apps, out-performing static sites! Whodathunkit?


  • Sales performance: How can my business adjust automatically to the metrics?
  • Speed! People won't put up with a slow site any more.
  • Maintainability: Our sites rot away because they are too awkward to keep fresh, or because the complex software behind them isn't kept updated, or because it really doesn't fit anyone's job description.
  • App-like features - too many to mention here, but expectations have changed about how a minimally functional site should perform.

Here's the to do list for the 1st quarter of the year

  • Working with some yet-unpublished systems for deploying fresh sites as perfect PWAs
  • Dozen or so sites need to be migrated from Wordpress and even Drupal
  • Analytics, social media and A/B testing need to move into a tight feedback loop
  • This capability needs to be automated and organized as a simple process for potential customers

Follow along

Recent years gave me a lot of exposure into how many small enterprises and institutions are stuck with these same problems.

Please feel free to follow my progress this year if any of this applies to you, as well.

Ulterior Motives

Couple things here, just in case it's not obvious:

  1. Our static web sites just haven't panned out the way businesses had hoped, and that's a huge opportunity for someone with my skill sets in 2021. Given that 38% of the web is WordPress, that's a lot of pain. And a good opportunity, for me.

  2. It's a personal thing, but I'm really hoping to dis-entangle from the one thing that almost everyone else wants - which is long projects that keep me occupied for months or even years at a time. Migrations are the right size contract, for me at this stage of my career, and I get to meet new friends and get fresh experiences again in a few days or maybe even hours, when a migration is done.

... the new stacks just coming on line are looking soooo very good. More on that in coming months.


You'll soon find that static sites won't be static going forward, and will instead begin taking on many of the expectations now afforded only to apps.

Meanwhile, once the migration process is organized and functioning well as a cookie cutter process, I'll be able to focus again on keeping up with the apps world.