dataFundamentals 2021 - a year for site migrations

Work History

Q: Hey! I thought you worked as a Back End data architect?

The Browser is the new Back End, for many of us.

So much of what we used to code on the back end is now being written in the browser client! In that respect, Back End role hasn't changed, as much as where the functionality is deployed to.

Q: No more back ends?

No-Ops is the new Dev-Ops.

Back Ends exist as services, now. Maintaining your own back ends is so 2017!

The back ends I used to slave over for years at a time? Now anyone can now get that functionality for practially free, and effortlessly too.

I use Google's Firebase for virtually everything, but there are other services within AWS, or similar offerings.

If you're still working with custom-built and self maintained Back Ends:

  • You have my condolences
  • You may not yet know how much better/faster/cheaper others can do this for you.
  • The shift to back end service APIs isn't instantaneous, but it's well documented and usually easier than coding to the legacy systems we are all accustomed to.

Q: Since when did you acquire Front End skills?

  • Technically, I've also been doing front ends since 2000, that's just never been my "occupation" until recent years.
  • My first formal javascript app was in 2014
  • Since then I've probably logged 42 months of javascript apps, most of it in Google's Polymer/Lit stacks, but also some React.

Q: So. How good are you, then?

Sigh. Depends on who you compare me to. I'm definitely producing good, solid work in this new "Full Stack" world.

The guys I run with are still faster/smarter/younger than I am. But I'm holding up OK under the pressure. And if I'm not the best in the group, it's my own dang fault for hanging out with some of the smartest guys in that world.

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